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The pear shape is a unique and hybrid diamond cut combining the brilliance and design style of both the Round Brilliant and the Marquise that results in a shape with a single point and rounded end.

The typical ratio is between 1.50 and 1.70 and the stone is usually comprised of 58 facets, although the number of pavilion facets may range from 4 to 8. Additionally, pear shapes are sometimes cut with a “French tip,” which replaces the large bezel facet at the point with star and upper girdle facets. French tips are also used in the Heart and Marquise shapes. Pear-shaped diamonds may vary in appearance with some having what is referred to as “high shoulders”, making the stone appear more angular.

The pear shape can suffer from a so-called “bow-tie effect” when light passing through the diamond casts a shadow across the central facets of the stone. This shadow can be reduced by altering the depth of the pavilion, and adjusting the angles of the table and facets to better diffuse light in the central area. This effect also occurs in the Heart, Marquise and Oval shapes.

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