Round Shape Diamond
Heart lab grown diamonds
Heart Shape Diamond​
Pear lab grown diamonds
Pear Shape Diamond
Marqiuse Shape Diamond
Radiant Shape Diamond
Emerald lab grown diamonds
Emerald Shape Diamond
Oval Shape Diamond
Princess lab grown diamonds
Princess Shape Diamond
Cushion lab grown diamonds
Cushion Shape Diamond
Asscher lab grown diamonds
Asscher Shape Diamond

Varieties Of Fancy Diamonds Available At Lathiya Gems

The journey of lab grown diamonds at Lathiya Gems begins with the introduction of huge variety of designs available here. You will never be short of options as here you can explore through myriad of gems in the range. Here is the list of fancy cut diamonds that are available in the online collection.

·         Round Shape Diamond: Certainly, it is the most common choice for pendants, and earrings. So, Lathiya gems is no behind in providing this fancy cut diamond shape.

·         Heart Shape Diamond: The perfect shape for your beloved! Heart shaped diamond it is! Lathiya gems has it in different color options too for choosing your favorite.

·         Pear Shaped Diamond: A delicate gift to adorn the pendant and ring to the fullest. This is the miracle of this lab grown artificial diamond from Lathiya Gems.

·         Maqiuse Shape Diamond: The unique crafting of this shape of diamond is the reason behind the uniqueness of the jewelry you wear. Unlike the others, Marquise fancy shape diamond is far more creative with its design.

·         Radiant Shape Diamond: This lab grown synthetic diamond has been focused upon with deep detailing. 70 facets, distinctly trimmed seam lines together make it an epitome of fancy cut diamond shapes.

·         Emerald Shape Diamond: This lab grown diamond is created in “step cut” pattern. The one that resembles the presence of staircase from above! This synthetic diamond is generally preferred for matching earrings.

·         Oval Shape Diamond: This fancy shape diamond is going to be the charm of the pendant. Credits to the common yet captivating shape that can spruce-up the beauty of the jewel.

·         Princess Shape Diamond: As the name says, this fancy cut shape diamond is the beauty secret of the eclectic jewelry that might come up. Be it on bracelets, earrings or rings, the shape is made for all.

·         Cushion Shape Diamond: The curved edges of this lab grown synthetic diamond makes it different from any other diamond. Use it on the necklace and you will see grace flourishing through the jewelry.

·         Asscher Shape Diamond: Deeply detailed cuts and beautifully shaped edge of Asscher shapes lab grown diamond is one such immeasurably beautiful jewel to hold. You can simply decorate it in the form of any ornament to match your dress.

Countless varieties and chic designs, Lathiya Gems collection provides all!

Why To Buy Lab Grown Fancy Shape Diamond From Lathiya Gems?

Lathiya gems have been pioneering with providing blissful shapes and all sizes so that the jewelry is made just the way you like. With this, the delivery procedure involves direct bond between the creator and the seller, therefore no additional charges for procuring the lab grown synthetic diamond.

Also, the team of Lathiya Gems believes in giving the gem of the customers thought- this is why the customization process is the most liked facility by all.

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