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Why Lab Grown Diamond ?


Lab created diamonds have the same quality and optical properties as natural diamonds.


Lab created diamonds contribute excellent value, and are more affordable than natural diamonds

Mining Free

“NO MINING” is required for Lab created diamonds. Elevate your jewelry with mining free Lab Growm Diamonds

How are CVD/Synthetic Diamonds different from Natural Diamonds ?

CVD Diamond
Natural Diamond
Is it a conflict-free?
Whether it is real or not?
Where does it come from?
It is made in the laboratory
It is found in the mines
Is it eco-friendly?
Not at all
Which is better in terms of quality?
Since it is created in laboratory it comes without flaws and is by far of better quality.
Cannot predict the quality standards, a complete flawless natural diamond is very very rare and highly expensive.
Is child labor involved?
There is a good chance child labor was engaged
Can you customize it?
May or may not be customizable
How long does it live?
Is it artificial?
Will the diamond’s shine go away with time?
Whether it is a diamond or not?
Which is more affordable?
Yes it is very cost effective
It may or may not be cheap
Can the same quality be delivered in large quantity?
Yes, definitely, As its manufactured in controlled conditions.
Cannot be determined

What are Lab Grown Diamond ?

Lab Grown Diamonds widely known as HPHT diamonds or CVD diamonds, people also know it as Synthetic Diamonds.

Simply put,some diamonds come from below ground and some come from above ground Lab Grown diamonds are man-made diamonds. Unlike natural diamonds which take billions of years to form deep beneath the Earth’s surface, Lab Grown diamonds are grown in labs. Specifically, CVD diamonds rely on a special process called Chemical Vapor Deposition (or CVD).

They may be called “synthetic,” but don’t let the term fool you. Everything, from their internal atomic structure to the way they glitter on your finger, Lab Grown diamonds are identical to the mined diamonds that have to be excavated from the ground. Lab Grown diamonds look exactly like so-called “natural” diamonds. In fact, even a trained jeweler cannot identify the difference. And this isn’t just the opinion of diamond manufacturers, either; in 2018, the FTC ruled that, for all intents and purposes, synthetic diamonds and natural diamonds are the same thing: 100% a diamond!

Polished Lab Grown Diamonds

We are Manufacturing polished Lab-Grown Diamonds in India Our Company Providing a wide range of polished lab-grown diamonds in every shape, size, and color at wholesale price. we provide certified or non-certified diamonds also If any requirement of diamonds you have. We are manufacturing order based diamonds.

What are Loose Diamonds ?

Loose Diamonds has no particular third party certificate. It has comparatively less price than certified diamonds because in loose diamonds not include third party charges.

When a diamond is certified, it means it has been verified and graded for quality by a 3rd party gem laboratory. The lab will use (diamond cut-diamond color-diamond clarity-diamond carat weight) to grade the diamond and give its ‘stamp of approval’. If you’re purchasing a diamond, it’s highly recommended that you only purchase a certified diamond.

Lab-grown diamonds go through the same verification and grading process as mined stones. At Clean Origin, we only partner with independent, internationally recognized laboratories, including GCAL and IGI.

After the diamond is graded, the lab issues a formal report, grading each attribute in detail. A visual “map” of the diamond further illustrates any inclusions or “birthmarks” that were formed during the creation of the diamond. This report includes a unique identification number and accompanies your diamond.

We are manufacturing Fancy shaped Diamonds such as Round Lab Grown Diamonds, pear shaped HPHT Diamonds, Oval Shaped CVD Diamonds, Marquise shaped synthetic Diamonds, Princess Shaped Lab Grown Diamonds, Emarald shaped HPHT Diamonds, Radiant shaped CVD Diamonds, Asscher shaped Synthetic  Diamonds,  Cusion Shaped CVD Diamonds, Heart Shaped Lab Grown Diamonds.

Matching pair Diamonds, it means diamonds be closed in size, cut, clarity, and color. It looking good together and match well visually.

Melle refers to tiny diamonds that typically weight less than 0.13 ct or 13 points. However, the exact size range of melee varies from country to country and from one segment of the trade to another.

We Are Providing Best Range Of Diamond Rings like Lab Grown Diamond ring, CVD dimond ring At Lowest Price.

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All You Need To Know About Lab Grown Diamonds!

These are synthetic diamonds which are equivalent to mined diamonds- credits to the physical and chemical properties that resemble natural diamonds to the core. The only major difference spotted between the two materials is the process of obtaining it, but the end result is the same. The method of artificial diamonds includes creating an environment of heat and pressure that matches the level of exertion from the earth. Hence the man-made environment gets you close to natural gems. 

How Are Lab Made Diamonds Created?

Natural diamonds are generated on a certain land that is feasible with the correct exertion of heat and pressure inside the earth. However, lab generated diamonds are developed within a human made aura that evolves with similar temperature and pressure needed to shape the material. Indeed, the journey of lab grown diamonds takes approximately 2 to 3 months to be made.

Advantages Of Purchasing Lab Created Diamonds            

People often wonder about the reasons to buy artificial products over natural ones, especially when there is hardly any difference between the two. Here are certain reasons for the same. Firstly, synthetic diamonds are environmentally friendly as these are not obtained from the degrading natural resource. Secondly, there are least health risks and accidents among the laborers as in the case of mining. Thirdly, artificial diamonds are much cost efficient in comparison to naturally grown ones.

Why Choose Lathiya Gems For Buying Lab Grown Diamonds?

Lathiya Gems is one of the best place on this day for buying surreal diamonds which feel real. Here, you will get an exclusive range of synthetic diamonds that are produced with intense detailing and sleek efforts. Moreover, the prices are reasonable enough to gift your loved one a heartiest gem with spending less. Every little gem here is a distinct art work that has been explored and nurtured over years. Your proposal is definitely going to be a success if you buy an exclusive and lustrous ring, which actually holds artificial diamond in the middle. No wonder, the beauty of the rings here can never get you to hear a no. Moreover, at Lathiya gems you will get to see different shapes and sizes of diamonds like round shaped diamonds, melee diamonds with different shapes and fancy diamonds that will depict your messages well. With this, you get to choose your favorite color too, for a shine that shows your persona.

To add boon to our service, we solely give customization facility with the lab grown diamonds. Whether you want a shape that matches the existing bracelet or want a diamond that makes you completely unique from others, everything is possible right here!

Here you will get polished lab grown diamonds, loose diamonds, certified diamonds, fancy diamond cuts, contrasting diamonds, and rings. Yet if you are not satisfied, then we have customization, only for you!

For getting more information and services, you can connect with us through our customer support, which will assist you 24*7. Mail us, call us and visit us for getting the gem you deserve!

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